PandaPay Charges 1%

of all donations, in addition to these processing fees:

Credit / Debit

2.9% + 30¢ per donation

Discounts are available for high-volume platforms and for public charities using our API

Most accessible method of donation, common for B2C


25¢ per donation

Fee is capped at $100 if a destination_ein is provided directly to the Donation object

Lowest cost method of donation, common for B2B

That's it. No monthly fees, setup charges, or other hidden costs.



Our affordable, crystal-clear pricing makes it easy to integrate PandaPay into your website - and your business model.


We only charge you when qualified donations are made. There's no extra charge for failed transactions or recurring donations.


PandaPay is PCI-DSS compliant; simply serve your payment page over https, and use our javascript library to transmit sensitive card data.