payment processing

Payment Processing

PandaPay's state-of-the-art payments gateway and expertise in philanthropy provide the critical tools you need to build a complete donation flow - at enviable pricing


PandaPay powers everything from credit card and ACH processing, to storing payment sources for future and recurring donations, and everything in between


Our platform is limited only by your creativity. Use PandaPay for all types of charitable giving, including crowdfunding, e-commerce campaigns, payroll giving, and more


We even have you covered on PCI-DSS requirements for handling payment information securely by ensuring no sensitive card data touches your servers

compliance and verification

Compliance & Verification

PandaPay's elegant API lets you accept and disburse donations to every public charity in the US, while remaining compliant with IRS guidelines and federal regulations


PandaPay can relieve the burden of running nonprofit infrastructure, while you maintain flexibility and control


Charities must be in good standing with the IRS to receive donations. That's why PandaPay verifies organizations twice: first on receiving donations, and again on disbursement

Documented & Deductible

Every donation processed by PandaPay is immediately receipted for the full amount of the contribution, providing a complete donation experience

payment processing

Funds Disbursement

Navigating the relationship between charities and the private sector can be tricky. PandaPay manages the logistics so companies and nonprofits alike can get back to their primary goals

Every public charity

Our proprietary compliance and disbursement capabilities mean you can send donations to every public charity in the IRS database, right out of the box

Custom disbursement schedule

PandaPay gives you the freedom to pool donations over time until granting to the organization(s) you choose. Simply make an API call to let us know when and where

Flexible funds transfer

PandaPay operates at scale. Whether your program is small or large, from a few disbursements per year to 100,000 – we have you covered